Seeking People

Seeking the right Talent to Deliver?

Our experience of providing quality people into the Employability and Skills sector started just prior to the birth of contracts with a large emphasis on payment by results.

We love the variety and scope this sector provides. To give you an idea of the types of projects we have worked on:

• Large recruitment campaigns for Work Programme.

• Delivered on a variety of senior roles including Bid Writers, Operation Heads and Director Level positions.

• Secured the right talent for an array of contracts including work choice, MWA, MOJ, and ESF complex families.

• Worked with large colleges and training providers to find people that deliver in Employer / Learner Engagement roles and sourced target focussed Assessors and Verifiers.

Finding the best from the sector:

We’d like to think we are pretty good at finding the right people, to deliver results for your contracts. Our focus is to find the best people that share your values and deliver results.

Reaching out to the best from outside the sector:

The Employability and Skills sector is a fantastic place for a career and hugely rewarding. We enjoy spreading the word and finding talent from outside the sector that give our clients with a different edge.